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Improving Academic Performance in the Classroom


Anael Luebanos is committed to strengthening academic performance at every campus in District 8 through hands-on leadership. He has supported community engagement through nonprofits like Read Fort Worth.  Getting every child on a path to college readiness or technical vocational training is the top priority.


Secure and Safe Schools


District 8 schools must be safe, vigilant, but welcoming centers of learning.  Horrible headlines around the country tell us that we cannot ever take school safety for granted. Anael has worked to ensure that on-campus security is prioritized.  Investments in technology with cameras, electronically-locking doors and smart access security have made a difference. Collaborations with local governmental entities to secure our campuses is part of the solution.


Public Health a Priority in the FWISD


Anael has advocated for strong public health measures and protocols recommended by the CDC in our schools.  Mask wearing in enclosed classrooms is simply common sense.  His advocacy has extended to sending letters to the Governor of Texas, the Commissioner of the Texas Department of Health Services, and the Covid-19 Expert Vaccine Allocation Panel to demand that classroom teachers be prioritized for Covid-19 vaccine eligibility. 


Scrutinizing Every Dollar Spent


As an accountant, Anael Luebanos knows numbers and how to scrutinize a budget. He believes that the role of the Board of Education should be to safeguard the taxpayers’ trust. He will prioritize spending on classroom resources, investing in teachers, and not bureaucracy.  Transparency and trust are key.


Sparking Parental Engagement


Far too many District 8 schools lacked PTA’s or significant parental engagement when Anael took office in 2017.   Since that time, he has worked to connect parents to their schools.  A large percentage of children live in households that speak Spanish or other languages at home. Anael Luebanos has worked to change the culture at District 8 schools to welcome parents and family members of children to be on campus and engaged in their childrens’ education regardless of language barriers.


Student Discipline in the Classroom


A quiet and well-behaved classroom is the laboratory of learning.  Anael Luebanos has stood firm with teachers who have had to deal with disruption and even violence, far too often.  He is pushing administrators to streamline the confusing standards for reporting violence and removing disruptive children.  In a disrupted classroom, no teacher can teach effectively and no children can learn.  Counseling resources must be available to address the underlying causes of indiscipline.

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