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The Remarkable Anael Luebanos Story

Born in Fort Worth, Anael moved with his family to rural Mexico as a child.  Raised on the family farm, Anael learned the meaning of hard work.

Learning the Meaning of Hard Work

In the mornings, Anael would rise before the sun, feed the animals and help milk the cows.  Then he would get ready for school, check his homework, and walk 2 miles to the school house.

His parents knew that he would have more opportunities in the United States.  So a 15-year old Anael took the bus to Fort Worth to live with relatives.  He enrolled at Paschal High School and had to learn English fast.  A group of excellent and patient teachers helped him to gain English proficiency.

Supporting Himself and Excelling in School

When he wasn’t studying with his Spanish to English dictionary and his textbooks, young Anael had to work full time to support himself.  He rose from sacking groceries, to the position of Manager at the Fiesta Grocery Store on 8th Ave.  The hard work paid off as he was able to graduate with honors from Paschal, High School.


On to Higher Education Against All Odds

With the encouragement of his Paschal teachers, Anael applied, and was accepted to Texas Wesleyan University, with a full scholarship!  He was able to receive a bachelors degree and his Masters in Business Administration.

Giving Back to the Community

He married his high school sweetheart, Anahi, and looked for ways to give back to the community.  Given private sector opportunities, Anael rather chose to work at a local nonprofit serving the blind community of Fort Worth and Tarrant County.  As an accountant, he makes sure the numbers add up.  As a community leader, he finds ways to make a difference.

And boy has he given back.  He works with several organizations to raise scholarship money for local students.  He also served as the President of one of the largest nonprofits in Fort Worth.  He serves on an advisory committee for the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo, and has served on the FWISD Audit Advisory Committee.

A Success Story We Can All Be Proud Of

Anael Luebanos has lived the American dream, but his success has not been measured by wealth and fame, rather by the number of people he has helped, and the positive impact he has made for our community.

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